Icelandic Horse / Trail Rides


This 90 minute introduction to Icelandic horses gives you the opportunity to learn why Icelandic horses are so unique. Available 7 days a week; you will have the chance to get to know your horse in our indoor or outdoor arena.  Your guide will demonstrate the various gaits and assist you with your questions. Once you are comfortable you will be riding the trails thru our woods and fields on the farm with your guide. We also have an onsite track which gives the horses good footing and distance to show off their gaits and their very smooth ride. $75 per person.

• Horseback Riding Requirements –

  • Minimum age 12 years old – with previous riding experience.
  • Maximum weight for riders is 200 pounds.
  • Long Pants and completely enclosed shoes/boots are required; no sandals, flip flops. Helmets will be provided.

The Icelandic Horse is renowned for its five natural gaits. While most other breeds have only three or four gaits, the Icelandic Horse can Walk, Tölt, Trot, Pace, and Canter or Gallop. The Walk, Trot, and Canter are familiar.

Learn More about Icelandic Horses: United States Icelandic Horse Congress