Pepper Hill Farm Rate Sheet – 2019


  • Hour private – $50
  • Hour group – $35
  • Half-hour private – $40
  • Lesson packages available
  • Gift certificates available

Training/Horse Related:

  • Training or exercise ride by Holly – $50/hour, $40/half-hour
  • “Turn In” – 20 minute session – $15 (This includes 5 minute light grooming and 15 minute brisk hand walking, lunging or free lunging with cool-down period.)
  • Other options can be arranged with Holly to suit horse and owner needs.
  • Medication administered to horses – if PHF medication is used, owner will only be billed for dosage used for their horse.

Boarding Options:

  • Full inside board as of June 1, 2016 – $625 monthly ($600 monthly prior)
  • Full outside board – $500 monthly
  • Training board:

Option A – $800 monthly (This includes 5 days per week of “Turn In” service per week as described above.)

Options B – $900 monthly (This includes 3 days “turn In” service plus 2 one hour training rides per week.)

  • Other arrangements can be made to fit the needs of the horse and owner.  Above options can be adjusted as well.  Please speak with Holly to make these arrangements and/or purchase these services.

Horse Sales/Leasing:

  • 10% commission to be paid by the owner, or in some cases the buyer, for all sales, purchases or off farm leases of horses/ponies.
  • Fees for trips to visit horses for potential purchase or lease can be arranged with Holly.